Bioma-coffee™ II

The BIOMA.COFFEE™ Series 2 delves into the art of papermaking, utilizing an array of coffee by-products and bio-additives, alongside diverse types of recycled paper pulp. This series is a manifestation of my doctoral research in Regenerative Sustainability at Central Saint Martins, where since 2018, I have been transforming coffee by-products into pioneering bio-based materials. Central to this exploration is a sustainable design framework, rooted in Permaculture principles and driven by my dedication to ecological innovation.
In Series 2, the focus was on broadening the possible uses of BIOMA.COFFEE™ biomaterials, with an emphasis on addressing the specific needs of Ibiza, Spain. While the final product samples are not displayed here due to their ongoing development within my doctoral work, they represent a significant stride towards sustainable material innovation.