Fand: a pearl of the sea

Concept design for ethical fashion brand

For Kushion spring summer collection  I took inspiration from Fand, the Irish Sea goddess from one of the mythological Irish Ulster Cycle stories. Fand is the daughter of Abra-aed the God of fire. She was so pure and beautiful that her beauty could only be link to that of a pure tear, she was also named “a Tear”. Fand felt in Love with one of the tale’s warrior heroes when she saves his life. She finds her self, confronted by the hero’s powerful wife but both women realized their selfish love towards him and Fand decides to leave. Following Fand story, I came across to the cover of the 1977 album of the progressive rock band “The Enid”; which became the middle point of my inspiration.

Fand Story

This native London brand was known for its elegant and sensual tracksuits which have a subtle contemporary edge. We sourced ethically produced silk  and cotton yarns, knitted to form drapes with a loose fit to recreate a sense of lightness. This capsule collection was exhibited at London and Paris fashion week.