The photographic prints in the Oracle series are the product of a distinctive technique I have been developing since 2016, where each frame is an authentic, unedited moment captured in time. By integrating the tactile depth of analogue lenses with the capabilities of digital photography, I craft what I describe a holistic viewpoint.

Our process of observation often suggests an active engagement with the observed with often feels like a direct connection with the subject. Yet in truth, it is the dance of light across space that journeys to us, touching our retinas and transforming into the visual scenes we perceive, shaping our visual reality. This interplay of light suggests that we are immersed in a luminous field from every direction, enveloped in light’s embrace, despite our tendency to focus to a narrow singular point to concentrate on selected details. ‘Oracles’ is born from the desire to visualize this omnipresent illumination; it’s an exploration to seize both the central image and its peripheral reflections in a single, undisturbed shot. This technique is a testament to my fascination with integrative and holistic perception, bridging the seen and unseen dimensions of our existence.

The series are divided by number as they are taken at different dates, times and places such as London, Lanzarote and Ibiza.
The world Oracle symbolises the disclosure of reality that each image represents.